Special Election Edition


E-Newsletter, Vol. VI, Number 5, Spring ’07

Charles Neuman, Editor





  • Election 2007
  • Statements by Candidates





The QCC Chapter of the PSC is having its election in April. Ballots will be mailed to members’ homes on April 2, and ballots are due on April 26. Be sure to vote!


There is one slate running: the QCC Unified Slate. A list of the elected offices and the respective candidates is provided below:



Paul Weiss                             Health, Phys. Ed., and Dance



Wilma Fletcher-Anthony         Counseling



Sheila Beck                             Library



Jacob Appleman                     Math & C.S.

Kitty Bateman                         Basic Skills

Charles Neuman                     Physics

Alexandra Tarasko                  Nursing


Delegates to the Delegate Assembly

Judith Barbanel                       Basic Skills

Mona Fabricant                       Math & CS

Philip Pecorino                        Social Sciences

Jo Ann Wein                            Art and Photography

Reuvain Zahavy                      Math & CS


Alternate Delegates to the Delegate Assembly

David Lieberman                     Physics

Jane Poulsen                          Social Science

Tom Smith                              Speech Comm. & Theater Arts

Lana Zinger                             Health, Phys Ed, and Dance


Welfare Fund Advisory Council Members

Tom Gerson                            ECET

David Klarberg                        Biology


Note: There is one change to the slate since it was first announced. Kenneth Pearl chose to remove his name from the slate. Charles Neuman has been selected to take his place, following proper procedures, as a candidate for Officer-at-Large.






Paul Weiss, running for Chapter Chair                



My career at Queensborough has taken me through many areas of interest and responsibility. I have been involved in Union activities since the formation of the PSC. I was involved in the origin of the Academic Senate, as a member of the group that wrote the bylaws of the Senate and the College following the acceptance of our “Governance” plan by the Board of Trustees of the University.


My experience as a union officer and as the staff photographer of the Clarion (PSC) enabled me to travel to all corners of CUNY. I learned of new programs and of the variety of research colleagues were conducting. Another of the union positions I have held is Grievance Officer (previously and currently). I have used that position to always protect the rights of faculty and staff. My approach has been one of being “proactive” rather than only being “reactive” where I felt this was necessary. This has been very satisfying as well as successful.


My interaction with a variety of University administrations led to interesting insights into the various ways they attempt to intrude into our professional lives.


I have always attempted to protect others and will continue to do so when representing your interests as Chapter Chairperson of the union at Queensborough.


I seek your vote, but even more, your support, assistance, and INVOLVEMENT in our future at Queensborough Community College.





Wilma Fletcher-Anthony, running for Chapter Vice-Chair



I have been an active member of the QCC Chapter of the PSC over the past 3 years, initially in the capacity of Department Representative for Student Affairs and more recently as Officer-at-Large. I look forward to serving in my new role as Chapter Vice-Chair.



Sheila Beck, running for Secretary


Sheila Beck has been a librarian at QCC since September 2001. Currently she is the Library’s representative to the QCC Executive Committee of the PSC-CUNY. She believes CUNY needs a strong union in order to improve our working conditions and salaries.



Jacob Appleman, running for Officer-at-Large



Having served as Chapter Chair at QCC for the last six years, I am ready to “lean back” a bit, and so am pleased to be running for the position of Officer-at-Large. Though this position is decidedly less intense, I expect to remain fully active and involved in our chapter. At the same time, I will of course continue my work as part of the union’s central structure, in my elected capacity as Community College Officer.


I hope you will support the “Unified Slate” that has been formed, as it represents a good cross-section of the interests of our chapter members. We are committed to working together towards the goal of enhancing everyone’s professional life in a reasonable, proportionate manner. We welcome your involvement at the chapter level, for example as a department representative, and at the central level, where the union has many committees serving a variety of interests. Thanks for voting for us!



Charles Neuman, running for Officer-at-Large



As Physics Department Representative to the QCC Chapter of the PSC, I have found it rewarding to work with such a dynamic group of union leaders. The incoming leadership has a variety of interests and points of view, and I think it will be effective at representing the membership. I am proud to be part of that group.


As Officer-at-Large, I will continue to serve the chapter as E-Newsletter Editor and as Webmaster. I hope people will feel free to contribute ideas for the newsletter. I am interested in understanding our rights and in sharing that information. A better understanding of our rights can only make us stronger. I am also interested in social issues, diversity, and community building. We are one of the most active chapters in the PSC, and I think we can do it all.



Alexandra Tarasko, running for Officer-at-Large



Being a faculty member here at QCC for over 20 years has made me appreciate the value of a strong union presence, one that will protect the rights of the faculty.  My background in labor includes 6 years as QCC's grievance officer, 5 years on PSC's Grievance Policy Committee and a member of PSC's Women's Committee.  During my tenure, I have participated in QCC's Labor/Management Meetings and our local PSC Executive Meetings, and I have led our local Contract Enforcement Committee.  I have great interest in continuing to advocate for higher wages, fair treatment, and better working conditions.



Mona Fabricant, running for Delegate to Delegate Assembly



It would be my privilege to serve as a Delegate on the QCC Unified Slate.  The faculty and staff at QCC are united in the mission to provide students at QCC with an excellent education that will improve the quality of their lives.  In order to realize this mission, the faculty and staff need a professional working environment that includes support for professional pursuits, a safe and healthy workplace, and recognition of their contributions to the college and university. The members of the QCC Unified Slate will work together to enhance the professional life of the faculty and staff at QCC by providing a union chapter that represents and protects all its members.



Philip Pecorino, running for Delegate  to Delegate Assembly




I am particularly interested in insuring that the rights of faculty are protected.  This particularly includes those covered under academic freedom and the CUNY and QCC Bylaws and the PSC contract.  Faculty need to know that they have support in the exercise of their rights and their freedoms should they come under intimidation or lack of support by others inside of their departments, the College, or CUNY.  This need is acute with junior faculty and the untenured.



Tom Smith, running for Alternate Delegate to Delegate Assembly


Standing for election as an Alternate Delegate to the PSC/CUNY Assembly is another way of expressing dedication to the ideals of a noble profession.


As the foundation of this University, faculty have seen wages and benefits eroded on an inflation-adjusted basis. 


Our Union leadership has frequently been blinded by social issues which, while often admirable on their face, have taken the focus away from what should be their core mission: equitable wages, benefits and working conditions. These should recognize the value of our labor and dedication to the creation of a more just society through the extension of knowledge and creative endeavor.


As a delegate I would work toward keeping our Union in focus with the needs and prerogatives of the membership.