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send "act now" letters to your nys legislators!

Click image to send "Act Now" letter to your state legislators to stop Tier V legislation..

◄Oppose tier v: Send a message to your NYS legislators by clicking the "Act Now" image on the upper left.

Don't Disadvantage NY: Say "NO" to Tier V.  The New York State legislature is on the verge of passing a sweeping bill that would create an inferior pension tier, Tier V, for future public employees, including future CUNY faculty and staff.  We have been informed that the bill is scheduled to come up for a vote on Monday (11/16).

A Tier V pension for public higher education does not represent a responsible choice for closing the budget gap. A reduced pension tier would do very little to address the state's immediate budget crisis and would not substantially increase revenue for another ten years.

Moreover, a lower pension tier would be devastating to public higher education, because CUNY and SUNY recruit faculty and professional staff on the national market. A fair pension is a critical component of the compensation package in higher education, and the proposed Tier V would greatly disadvantage New York's public institutions of higher learning.

Click image to send "Act Now" letter to your state legislators to stop the Governor's budget cuts.

PSC Denounces Proposal to Cut Millions of Dollars from CUNY.  The PSC denounced the governor’s proposed cut of $53 million to CUNY’s budget announced Tuesday, October 6th. The union called on Governor Paterson to withdraw the proposal and called on the legislature to vote it down.  Click here for PSC testimony before NYS Legislature and here for details about the 10/27 rally to protest the cuts.

◄Send an "Act Now" letter to your state legislators protesting the cuts by clicking the  image. to the left.

Click image to send "Act Now" letter supporting NYS legislation for adjunct unemployment insurance.

  This past April and May, the PSC turned its legislative focus to passing S. 4123 and A-613-A, state senate and assembly bills that would ensure contingent faculty’s access to unemployment insurance. Because part-timers have no guarantee of being rehired for the following semester once a course ends, they are similar to other workers (in construction and the entertainment trades, for example) whose employment is episodic and who receive unemployment benefits when they are not working and otherwise eligible – and adjuncts should receive the same benefits.

As June began, the legislature entered a prolonged period of gridlock, with a dispute over control of the State Senate that took weeks to resolve. But the union used this time to continue organizing visits to lawmakers in their local district offices, urging the legislature to remove the unfair restrictions that limit part-time faculty from collecting unemployment insurance (UI).

Click here to send an "Act Now" letter to your state legislators urging passage and here for more information.