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Continuing Ed Teachers


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Pay Scale | Pensions & Annuities | Complaints & Grievances | Health Care | COBRA | Buyout Waiver | Workers’ Compensation | Sick Leave | Jury Duty 


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First and Foremost You are entitled to join your union, the Professional Staff Congress, which represents full-time and part-time faculty and staff at CUNY. We urge you to exercise this right. To join you must sign an authorization card. An agency fee of 1% is deducted from your paycheck if you are not a member. Union dues are the same amount. As a member, you will be entitled to run for office and vote in officer elections and for contract ratification. You must be a member for four months to be eligible to vote.

     There is a supplemental agreement for Continuing Education Teachers at the back of the PSC/CUNY collective bargaining agreement which sets forth Continuing Education Teachers’ rights and benefits.


Pay Scale As of October 6, 2008, Continuing Education Teachers are entitled to a minimum hourly rate of $32.21 which includes the 3.15% increase of 9/20/07. This minimum hourly rate will increase to $33.18 on October 20, 2009. Program directors may hire Continuing Education Teachers at a rate higher than the minimum.


Workers’ Compensation All Continuing Education Teachers are covered by Workers’ Compensation. Call the local district office at 1-800-877-1373 for more information.


Jury Duty All Continuing Education Teachers must be paid their regular salary for jury duty and give CUNY any pay they receive for serving.


Library Privileges Continuing Education Teachers who are appointed for at least six weeks have library privileges on their campus.


Pensions & Annuities If you want to join a tax deferred annuity program (TDA), you have a choice of providers.  For advice about possible pension eligibility and TDAs call Clarissa Gilbert Weiss, PSC Director of Pension and Welfare Benefits, or Ellen Balleisen, PSC Pension Counselor, at 212-354-1252. 


Complaints & Grievances A complaint is an informal claim by an employee or the PSC of improper, unfair, arbitrary or discriminatory treatment. A complaint may, but need not, constitute a grievance, and is processed through an informal procedure.

A grievance is an allegation by an employee or the PSC that there has been a violation of the stated terms of the contract.

Contact an adjunct grievance counselor at the union headquarters at 212-354-1252 to initiate a complaint or grievance. Grievances and complaints must be filed within 30 days, not counting weekends and legal holidays, from the time you become aware of a problem.


If you are appointed to teach at least 20
hours per week for more than 6 months


Continuing Education Teachers appointed to a position that will continue for a period of more than six months and that requires them to teach a minimum of 20 hours per week (“eligible CETs”) are entitled to additional benefits as follows:


Service Increments Eligible Continuing Education Teachers are entitled to annual base pay additions of $1.22 per hour on the second, fourth and sixth anniversary of the initial qualifying appointment provided the Continuing Education Teacher is continuously employed for two continuous years of service. A year of service is defined as 30 weeks of service with 30 hours worked per week, an annual total of 900 hours.


Health Care Various health plans are available to eligible Continuing Education Teachers through The New York City Health Benefits Program. In addition, you are eligible for benefits through the PSC/CUNY Welfare Fund questions about supplemental benefit including dental and optical coverage, life insurance, and disability. For any questions about health insurance, contact the NYC Employee Benefits Program at 212-306-7300.  For coverage call the PSC/CUNY Welfare Fund at 212-354-5230.


COBRA If you lose your health insurance because you no longer meet the eligibility criteria, you may maintain benefits under COBRA, the federal law which allows you to pay for yourself for 18 months. Continuing Education Teachers who meet the eligibility requirement for health insurance but do not teach during the summer semester do not qualify for health insurance during July and August. They may pay for the insurance themselves during these months through COBRA. Teachers who take off the summer semester and then return in the fall semester must go to their campus human resources office and fill out a form to reinstate their health insurance coverage. This is necessary whether or not you use COBRA during the summer.


Health Care Buyout Waiver If you are eligible for health insurance but choose not to enroll in a plan through your employer, you are entitled to an annual lump-sum payment called a buyout wavier. To apply for this buyout wavier, go to the human resources office on your campus.  You must demonstrate that you have health coverage through another source.


Sick Leave Eligible Continuing Education Teachers are entitled to 14 days of sick leave per year, which can accrue up to a maximum of 28 days.  Up to three days of accrued sick leave can be used to care for an ill family member.


Professional Development Fund  Eligible Continuing Education Teachers who have taught for the two most recent consecutive semesters (not including summer session) shall be eligible to apply for a grant.  Applications must be signed by a department chairperson or program director.  If the grant is to be used during either summer or intersession, the employee must have been notified of reappointment for the next consecutive semester.  The maximum award in any academic year to an individual is $3,000.  Approved grant funds are paid based on submission of expense records for professional development activities. Grants must be approved prior to the activity. Preference will be given to employees who have not previously received professional development funds. For more information call the PSC office or go to the PSC website at www.psc-cuny.org.



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