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The City University of New York/Professional Staff Congress:  Application for Professional Development Funds in the Higher Education Officer Series and the College Laboratory Technician Series



Description: In accordance with the PSC/CUNY collective bargaining agreement, approximately $500,000 per annum is available University- wide to support professional development activities for eligible employees in titles in the Higher Education Officer series and the College Laboratory Technician series.  As of September 1, 2009 HEO’s and CLT’s who are fulltime employees of the CUNY EOC’s are also eligible for these awards The maximum award for professional development activities in any academic year (September 1 through August 31) is $3,000, and preference will be given to employees who have not previously received professional development funds from this program.  The minimum amount for a grant is $250.  Applications for reimbursements for less than $250 will not be considered.  The amount of money available to support professional development of employees at the colleges will be proportionate to the number of full-time employees in these titles on the respective campuses. The funds will be administered by the HEO/CLT Professional Development Committee established by the Professional Staff Congress/CUNY.  Applications must be at the PSC by the 1st of the month prior to the beginning of the activity.


Eligibility: All full-time members of the instructional staff currently in titles in the Higher Education Officer series and the College Laboratory Technician series provided they have been full-time CUNY employees for at least 6 months are eligible to apply for professional development funds.  Employees in the Adjunct College Laboratory Technician, Adjunct Senior College Laboratory Technician, and Adjunct Chief College Laboratory Technician titles are eligible to apply, provided that they are working at least 10 hours per week and have worked 10 or more hours per week for four consecutive semesters (not including summer sessions) immediately preceding the semester in which application is made.


Instructions: Application may be made at any time.  The HEO-CLT Committee, which considers applications, meets once a month.  The committee does not meet during July and August.  Applications are to be submitted to the employee’s supervisor.  The supervisor will, within 10 days, return it to the employee.  If the supervisor approves the application, the employee will then submit it to the HEO/CLT Professional Development Committee, which will make the determinations regarding the awards.  The supervisor will keep a copy of the application for his/her records and send a copy to the college’s labor designee.  All applications must be at the PSC by the 1st of the month prior to the beginning of the activity and must have approval prior to onset of activity.


Decisions of the Committee are final.  The Committee does not meet in July and August.


Click below to download an application:

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