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MAY 2001

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DC 37 Settles, Impasse in City Talks with UFT

Ray Markey Talks About the Librarians' Contract

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“Bake Sale” to Spur Funding: On Thursday, April 19, students from Queens College and Queensborough Community College held a mock bake sale to urge the state legislature to reinvest in CUNY. Cookies were priced at $75,000 and cakes at $5 million, with the proceeds to serve as relief for CUNY. Held outside the Queens College Student Union, the “bake sale” also featured speakers from the New York Public Interest Group (NYPIRG), the PSC, the SEEK program, the CUNY administration and local businesses. “We are really worried about the state of our higher education budget,” said Morgan Feldman, a Queens College student and NYPIRG Higher Education intern. “Our colleges are currently being funded at some of the lowest levels ever. With a $2 billion State surplus, there is no excuse to not invest in higher education.” 

York PSC Warns Students on Credit Card Hucksters: At the urging of the local chapter of the PSC, York College is warning students to be wary of credit card hucksters. Credit card companies are not allowed to solicit students on CUNY campus grounds, and therefore commonly swarm just outside. The signs, which have been posted at all of York’s main entrances, read, “York College, the PSC-CUNY chapter of York College and the York College Student Government DO NOT endorse credit solicitation near campus entrances.” Senior College Officer Peter Ranis told Clarion that the York PSC chapter has been urging the administration to post these signs. “What gives it urgency now is the bankruptcy legislation that was passed by Congress and that Bush is preparing to sign,” he said, citing provisions which allow young people under 21 to take out credit cards without dollar ceilings and without parents’ approval and co-signatures. 

Community College Enrollment Up: According to initial figures, spring enrollment has increased at all CUNY community colleges in comparison with spring 2000. Some senior colleges showed losses, as follows: York was down 3.2%,  City College 2.9%, Lehman 1.5%, Evers 1.4%, Queens 1.2% and NYC Tech 0.2%. Out of all the colleges, the largest increases in enrollment were seen at BMCC, which grew 4.8%, John Jay with 4.7% and BCC with 4.5%. More details are available on the University Faculty Senate (UFS) Web site at under Reports of Interest. 

Anniversary of Open Admissions: On April 26, nineteen people held a small ceremony at City College’s memorial rock to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of Open Admissions. In attendance were CCNY alumni James Small and Ron McGuire, veterans of the 1969 student strike that won the reform; PSC activists Gary Benenson, Susan DiRaimo, Jeanne Ollivierre, Phil Leonhard, and Larry Hanley; and student leaders Jason Compton and Hank Williams. The memorial rock commemorates City College’s links to various events in NY and U.S. history. In 1999 the UFS, CCNY’s PSC chapter and the school’s Undergraduate Student Government added a bronze plaque that reads, “In 1969 The City College initiated The City University of New York’s Open Admissions policy, which gave vast new educational opportunities to all peoples of the City of New York.” After the ceremony Compton, president of the CCNY Undergraduate Student Government, said, “Every time I go to an event like this, I learn more than I ever would have imagined.”   

Pulitzer Winner John Corigliano

CUNY Oscar-Winner Snags Pulitzer: PSC member John Corigliano, Distinguished Professor of Music at Lehman College, received the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his “Symphony No. 2 for String Orchestra.” The work was premiered on November 30, 2000, by the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall in Boston. Last year Corigliano won an Academy Award for the score of the Canadian film “The Red Violin.” A teacher at Lehman since 1972, Corigliano has often spoken about the outstanding students there and the pleasure he takes in working with them.