MAY 2001

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PSC Demands Progress in Contract Talks

State Stalls on Budget, Giuliani Wants Cuts and Conditions

Victory at Hostos

Change proposed for Full Time Dues

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Results From 2001 Chapter Elections

New Chapter Officers and Delegates

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Women in CUNY: The Numbers Tell the Tale

Taking Action on Health and Safety at City College

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PSC Retirees Chapter on the Move for Full Reimbursement for Medical Part B

1300 Rally Outside WBAI, Demand Listener Control

Obituary: Ed Rogowsky

Obituary: Debra Bernhardt

CUNY, The PSC and the Prison- Industrial Complex

Opinion: "At-Pleasure" Pay

Opinion: Notes on "Labor Notes"

DC 37 Settles, Impasse in City Talks with UFT

Ray Markey Talks About the Librarians' Contract

TRS Mess


Following is a list of election results. 

Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center:  Chapter chairperson, Amy Nicholas; vice chairperson, Eva Delsarte; delegate to the D.A., Amy Nicholas; alternate to the D.A. [Pat Poggi’s acceptance not yet confirmed].

College of Staten Island:  Chapter chairperson, Vasilios Petratos; vice chairperson, Roslyn Bologh; secretary, Frank Battaglia; officers-at-large, Rima Blair, Shah Jayman, Judith Kuppersmith, Theodora Polito; delegates to the D.A., Sarah Benesch, Harry Cason, Vasilios Petratos; alternates to the D.A., Roberta Klibaner, Steve Stearns, Gerry Schumann; Welfare Fund Council, Gloria Cortopassi, Vasilios Petratos.

Medgar Evers:  Chapter chairperson, Edward Catapane; vice chairperson, Thomas Edwards; secretary, John Flowers; officers-at-large, V.T. Alexander, Joyce Siler, Earlean Smiley, Mary Umolu; delegate to the D.A., Edward Catapane; alternate to the D.A., Thomas Edwards; Welfare Fund Council, Darius Movasseghi.

Hunter Campus Schools:  Chapter chairperson, Alvin Shields; vice chairperson, Michael Stratechuk; secretary, David Towber; officers-at-large, Helen Brand, David Hankin, Glenn Kissack; delegate to the D.A., Alvin Shields.

Kingsborough Community College:  Chapter chairperson, Rina Yarmish; vice chairperson, Harvey Carroll; secretary, Silvea Thomas; officers-at-large, John Lin, Theodore Markus, Ronald Schwartz, Laurence Simon; delegates to the D.A., Michael Barnhart, Rina Yarmish; alternates to the D.A., Norah Chase, Joseph Consolo; Welfare Fund Council, Richard Staum, Rina Yarmish.

Lehman College:  Chapter chairperson, Helene Silverman; vice chairperson, Manfred Philipp; secretary, Duane Tananbaum; officers-at-large, James Jervis, Orhan Kayaalp, Jane Levitt, Melvin Nathanson; delegates to the D.A., Alicia Georges, Manfred Philipp, Helene Silverman; alternates to the D.A., Orhan Kayaalp, Nancy Maldonado [runoff pending for Bruce Byland and José Muñoz-Millanes]; Welfare Fund Council, Cynthia Hosay, Bernard Shockett.

Borough of Manhattan Community College:  Chapter chairperson, Jane Young; vice chairperson, William Friedheim; secretary, Avor Cave; officers-at-large, Nkechi Aqwu, Alberta Grossman, Susan Price, James Perlstein; delegates to the D.A., James Blake, Tricia Lin, Shirley Rausher, Jane Young; alternates to the D.A., William Friedheim, Pedro Perez, Lisa Rose, Mike Vozick; Welfare Fund Council, Frank Elmi, Marcia Newfield.

Manhattan Educational Opportunity Center:  Chapter chairperson, Gene Plunkett; secretary, Karen Berry; officers-at-large, Dorthula Atkinson, Joseph Bonelli, Joan Macafity, Evelyn McCatty; delegate to the D.A., Gene Plunkett; alternate to the D.A., Mabel Ramharack.

New York City Technical College: Chapter chairperson, Robert Cermele; vice chairperson, Sharon Swacker; secretary, Patricia Rudden; officers-at-large, Steven Gerardi, Arnavas Taraporevala, Allen Freedman, Rhona Noll; delegates to the D.A., Robert Cermele, Brian Kenner, Sharon Swacker; alternates to the D.A., Walter Dufresne, Patricia Rudden, Robert Holden; Welfare Fund Council, Dennis Bakewicz, Beverly Lapuna.

Queensborough Community College: Chapter chairperson, Jacob Appleman; vice chairperson, Elyn Feldman; secretary, Alexandra Tarasko; officers-at-large, David Klarberg, Linda Reesman, Norton Reid, Deleri Springer; delegates to the D.A., Jacob Appleman, Elyn Feldman, Paul Weiss; alternates to the D.A., Philip Pecorino, Gilmar Visoni, Joann Wein; Welfare Fund Council, Anthony Kolios, Deborah Fitzgerald-Royce.

Retirees Chapter:  Chapter chairperson, Irwin Yellowitz; vice chairperson, Jacob Judd; secretary, Mary Bryce-Jennings; officers-at-large, Theodore Gottesman, Martin Kaplan, Jane Moore, Sheldon Waxenberg; delegates to the D.A., Edward Alterman, Elva Christy, Peter Jonas, Irwin Yellowitz; alternates to the D.A., Alvin Bachman, Patricia Brauch, Judith Bronfman, Ezra Seltzer.

Higher Education Officers Chapter:  Chapter chairperson, Jean Weisman; vice chairperson, Iris DeLutro; secretary, Marc Ward; officers-at-large, Arthurine Desola, Elyse Mendel, Marie Morgan, Michael Zillig; delegates to the D.A., Steve Barrera, Ann Batiuk, Audrey Berman, Anita Conte, Wayne Harewood, Steve Leberstein, Michelle Payne, Carina Quintian, Miriam Thompson, Carmen Vásquez, Marc Ward, Sandra Watson, Vera Weekes, Jean Weisman; alternates to the D.A., Fred Brodzinski, Iris DeLutro, Ray Hubener, Randy Punter, Wayne Robinson.