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Update, July, 2009


In mid-July, the PSC and CUNY agreed that, effective with the Fall 2009 semester, teaching adjuncts across CUNY will be paid the same amount in the last week of the semester as they are for all the other weeks. Adjuncts, with support from full-time faculty and staff, mounted a PSC “Campaign of Outrage” targeting the five colleges that did not consistently follow this practice: Baruch, College of Staten Island, and Bronx, Kingsborough and Queensborough Community Colleges.  Details.

Below is coverage from the 2007 Campaign of Outrage

CAMPAIGN OF OUTRAGE!  How cheap can you be? Five colleges have been short-changing adjuncts for years -- paying them less than 15 weeks or the 45 hours for the semester.  Protests to demand that these five colleges stop shortchanging adjuncts were held on five days during finals week, May 21 - 31, 2007 and again during the 2007Thanksgiving and December holiday season. 

Pictures from November 2007 protests at Baruch and BCC.

Photo credit: Dave Sanders

Security guards at Baruch asked to deliver turkey to
the administration.  (Click here for article in the Baruch
College student newspaper, the Ticker.)

Photo credit: Dave Sanders

Leafleting students at Bronx CC.

Go to photo gallery (November and May/June '07 protest) and press coverage of the May/June '07 events.

Sign the petition protesting this outrage. 

July '07 update:  On Wednesday, July 11, PSC members took the “Campaign of Outrage” to prospective students on three campuses where the colleges were holding open houses. As “This Week” readers know, the union has mounted pressure on CUNY to change the policy at five colleges that pay teaching adjuncts only two hours during finals week for time they spend proctoring exams rather than the three hours pay rate they receive during the rest of the semester. The reality is that adjuncts, like other faculty, teach as much during finals week as in any other. Shortchanging adjuncts during finals week is not just cheap, it’s blatantly unfair and it’s an insult to our professionalism. At Wednesday’s open house events at Bronx, Queensborough and Kingsborough, members handed out hundreds of flyers and talked to dozens of students; students were generally very responsive and supportive. This action followed the May demonstrations during finals week where PSC members protested outside the administration buildings on all five campuses (the other two campuses are Baruch and Staten Island) and delivered 2,000 petition signatures demanding an end to this embarrassing practice.

Press Coverage:

“Protesting Adjuncts Say BC Shortchanges Them,” Norwood News, 5/31-6/13/07

 “CUNY Adjuncts Want Full Pay in Finals Week,” The Chief, 6/1/07

“Adjuncts Ask, ‘How Cheap Can You Get?’” AFT Higher Education News, 6/1/07

 Adjunct Profs Protest for Better Treatment,” Brooklyn View, 6/4/07 (see page 4

“PSCers Rally for Adjunct Professors,” NYSUT News Wire, 6/5/07



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