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three-year pilot program to streamline the selection process and enhance the PSC-CUNY Research Awards

click here for a PDF of the CUNY and PSC joint announcement

August 23, 2010

The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York are pleased to announce a three-year pilot program to streamline the selection process and enhance the PSC-CUNY Research Awards.  As part of the restructured program, faculty retain responsibility for the selection process; a new category of awards of up to $12,000 has been introduced; and the application deadline has been changed to January 15.  In reaching the agreement with the University, the PSC leadership worked closely with the chair of the University Faculty Senate and current members of the University Committee on Research Awards.  

 Full details and a revised e-application form will be available early in the fall. The text of the formal agreement will be available on-line shortly.

 Major features of the pilot program:

  • The pilot program covers the 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13 academic years.
  • PSC-CUNY Awards will be restructured into the following new categories:

Ø  Traditional A Awards: up to $3,500

Ø  Traditional B Awards: up to $6,000

Ø  Enhanced Awards: up to $12,000

  • The majority of funding will go to Traditional A Awards, and the next largest amount to Traditional B Awards.  The Enhanced Awards will be funded entirely from money added to the program, either through additional funding or through administrative savings; there will be no more than 40 such awards in any one year of the pilot program.
  • Over the three years of the pilot program, CUNY will contribute an additional $250,000 to the PSC-CUNY Research Awards.
  • The PSC will seek to identify a further $250,000 for PSC-CUNY Awards in the next round of collective bargaining.
  • Eligibility criteria, as expressed in the contract, remain unchanged, including the special attention to supporting the work of untenured faculty.
  • Applicants may apply for an award in only one category in any given year.
  • As in the past, there are restrictions on applications by faculty receiving major external grant funding in direct costs for their research, and on the number of consecutive awards tenured faculty may receive—two in the three-year pilot period, only one of which may be an Enhanced Award.
  • The selection of Traditional A and B Awards will be made by 18 discipline-based panels, each of which will include both senior and community college faculty.  The University Faculty Senate retains its role of forwarding names to the Chancellor for selection of the panel chairs. 
  • Traditional A and B Award applications are not subject to budget modifications by the panels.
  • The Enhanced Award applications will receive written reviews, and the selection will be made by the new University Committee on Research Awards, comprised of the panel chairs.
  • The deadline for applications has been moved from October to January 15; there will be no out-of-cycle or emergency Awards.
  • The University and the PSC will meet before the end of the pilot period and either renegotiate or agree to continue the terms of the pilot program.  If agreement is not reached, the program will be resumed as it currently exists.

Both the Union and the University are committed to the success of the pilot program.  It preserves the availability of traditional, smaller grants and retains faculty control of the selection process, while adding a significant number of larger grants and streamlining the selection process.  We thank the many people who contributed to this negotiation.   


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