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When New Provisions in the Contract Take Effect

From the Sept. '08 Clarion

Many provisions of the new contract are now in effect, while others will be implemented over the next few months. 

The first question for many members is, “When will we get our raises and retroactive pay?” In previous contracts, this has taken several months, as the State and City reprogram their computers and work out details with CUNY central administration. If past practice is a guide, this money would be seen in members’ paychecks around the end of Fall semester, but the union is working with CUNY administration to see if it can be done sooner. 


The first salary increase, of 3.15%, is effective as of a year ago, September 20, 2007. The second increase, 4% compounded, is effective October 6, 2008. Thus, bargaining unit members who were on CUNY payroll on September 20, 2007, will receive the entire value of the first year’s increase retroactively, plus some part of the  increase that takes effect this October 6. 

Further pay increases in this contract include a 3% increase, compounded,  on October 20, 2009, and an additional increase on that date to the top salary step. (This extra top step increase is 3.1% for full-time titles with salary steps and 5.75% for part-time titles with a step schedule.) Click here for the new salary schedules.. 


On doctoral employee health insurance, which was the subject of a side letter hammered out with the contract settlement, CUNY has committed to starting the new program with the Spring semester. The PSC is pressing for an earlier start date, and the issue is under discussion.  

A provision that took effect as soon as the contract was  ratified is the use of sick days to care for family members. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, members who accrue sick days may use up to three days per year for the care of a family member who is ill. Bargaining unit members have the right to use this benefit immediately; if you wish to do so, inform your department chair or supervisor. 

The contract also provides for establishment of a “sick leave bank” and a system of dedicated sick leave days, through which members with accrued sick days can donate them to others. The sometimes complex details of how these two new programs would function are still being worked out; the union will notify members as soon as these benefits can be used. 

The new contract provides for CUNY to make the first of three annual contributions to the Adjunct Professional Development Fund effective September 28, 2008. The committee that administers the fund will reconvene to review applications in mid-October. (Note that applications must be approved before any grant-supported expenses are incurred.)  The agreement provides for the HEO/CLT Professional Development Fund to continue under the same terms and conditions as in the last contract. (Click here for applications and details on both funds.) 

Another side letter specified that CUNY will create 100 new Lecturer lines, full-time positions drawing from a hiring pool of experienced CUNY adjuncts. Just before Clarion went to press, Chancellor Goldstein announced the allocation of the first 50 lines among the colleges: as with the conversion lines created during the last contract, most colleges will receive three new lines. The next step is for presidents to allocate lines to departments, and then for departments to do the hiring; the first 50 positions are to be filled before the start of the Spring semester. despite recent budget cuts. CUNY has retained its commitment to hiring for the first 50 lines during this academic year, with the balance to be hired during 2009-10.  

The new contract also contains a fund for paid parental leave. This provision was subject to enactment of unrelated State legislation on family leave, and that legislation did not pass. But there is a strong commitment to making this benefit work, and discussions with the governor’s office have continued throughout the summer. The contract makes this provision effective September 28, 2008, and the union has stressed that members who are expecting children this fall cannot wait. We will update you as soon as discussions are finalized. 


Under the new contract, the PSC and CUNY will create a pilot program on student mentoring, to operate on a limited number of campuses during the 2009-2010 academic year. This program will be developed in the current academic year, and that process is still in its early stages. A number of members have already contacted the union with useful ideas on how a student mentoring program might best be structured, and input from other members is encouraged. If you are interested in contributing ideas for this pilot effort, contact Kate Pfordresher at the PSC, (212) 354-1252 or


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