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Research Foundation says "bah, humbug!"  rf workers say "fight back!"

RF Workers and Supporters Picket Board


December 22.  In a show of holiday good will, the Grinch tried to share his inspiring story of redemption today with the the CUNY Research Foundation at its biannual meeting. 

The Grinch, now a reformed man,  once tried to steal Christmas from the Whos in Whosville.  But when he couldn't break their spirit, he had a change of heart and gave Christmas back to the Whos.

When the Grinch tried to enter building to attend the RF meeting -- so that he could convince them to have a change heart, like he did, and restore Christmas -- he was ceremoniously turned away.  It was a moment that stood in stark contrast to the holiday spirit, the Grinch's own inspiring story and the solidarity of RF workers and supporters picketing the meeting.

But just as the Grinch was no match for the determination of the Whos, the RF Board cannot break the spirit of RF workers at three campuses currently negotiating a contract -- LaGuardia Community College, New York City Tech and the Graduate Center.  Several dozen RF workers and supporters joined the picket line in front of the RF Board today.

Negotiations for first contracts for CUNY Research Foundation members at the three campuses have gone on far too long. Recently, there has been progress at the table, but whether or not the RF Board has a change of heart and brings the negotiations to quick and fair conclusion, the  RF workers and supporters showed today that they are united to do whatever it takes to secure a good contract.

Contact CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein at 212-794-5311 or and RF Board Chair Richard Rothbard at 212-417-8507 or and reiterate the Grinch's message.

RF workers and supporters picket.  Photo credit: Pat Arnow

An exasperated Grinch is turned back by security (left)  Photo credit: Pat Arnow

Jay Klokker (right), City Tech, addresses RF workers and supporters.  Photo credit: Pat Arnow

Maurice Pinchon, LAGCC, addresses RF workers and supporters.  Photo credit: Pat Arnow


RF Workers Rally on Three Campuses -- SEPT. 27-29.

CUNY Research Foundation (RF) employees held coordinated protests at three City University campuses last week, each demanding a fair first contract. In the protests at City Tech, LaGuardia and the Graduate Center, held September 27, 28 and 29 respectively, RF workers and other PSC members called on management to move toward a settlement at the September 30 collective bargaining session.

About 550 RF employees, many of them part-timers, work at the three campuses. Some of them have not received a pay raise in a decade.

“It was rousing to have people here from so many areas,” said Jay Klokker, an RF worker who teaches English as a Second Language at the City Tech’s Adult Learning Center. “I hope this will be the nudge that the Research Foundation needs to settle this in a fair way.” RF employees on the three campuses were joined by library and teaching faculty, CLTs and several members of a SUNY-Stony Brook union local.

Rally at LAGCC on 9/28/10.                                  Photo credit: Pat Arnow

Rally at the Graduate Center on 9/29/10.

Current bargaining status:  The PSC and the RF have continued to negotiate throughout the summer.  We remain very far apart on wages.  The union continues to resist management’s demand to shift health care costs onto employees through two large increases in the employee share of the health insurance premiums.   The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for August 5, 2010.  If you are interested in attending, please contact the appropriate PSC organizer listed below.  [Posted 8/3/10]

JUNE 10th BARGAINING SESSION. At the bargaining Thursday, June 10th, management refused to provide a counter on wages.  That puts their current economic package at a 1.5% per year minimum for wages.  As for health insurance, they propose increasing the employees’ contribution to the premium from 11% to 15% in the first year and to 19% in the second year.  It would remain at 19% in the third year.  This is a substantial improvement over their previous position, which was to increase the employee contribution to 19% immediately and tie further increases to those of nonunion employees.  The union’s last proposal was 6% per year salary increases with a dollar minimum for lower wage employees and a phase-in of the health insurance increases over the life of the contract ending at 16%. 

On noneconomic issues, management continues to insist on draconian no strike/no lockout language, which would prohibit hand billing and postings and would allow the RF to discharge an employee for any violation no matter how minor.   [Posted 6/12/10]

Learn How to Win Meeting - LAGCC, Wednesday, June 23, 8:15 - 9 am, Room E244

SIGN THE PETITION FOR A FAIR CONTRACT NOW:  Sign the petition to the RF Board of Directors by clicking the "RF Contract Now!" logo to the left.  Your browser will open to new window.  Take 30 seconds to add your name to the petition -- and then send.


More pictures below▼


More than 40 protesters rallied outside CUNY Researh Foundation headquarters in midtown Manhattan on Monday May 24 to demand that PSC members at the NYC Tech, LaGuardia and Graduate Center Research Foundations receive a fair first contract. RF-CUNY has offered salary increases of only 1.5% while demanding that workers immediately increase the contribution to their health insurance premium from 11% to 19% while offering them salary increases of only 1.5%. During the protest, PSC First Vice President Steve London and two members of the union bargaining teams went to the RF Board of Directors meeting on the 8th floor and delivered petitions, that were signed by 700 people, to RF President Richard Rothbard. Help us send the message that RF workers deserve a fair contract now! Click here to sign the petition to the RF Board of Directors.

Picket line at 5/24 Board of Directors meeting.  Photo credit: John Catalinotto

PSC First VP Steve London addresses picketers.  Photo credit:
John Catalinotto

PSC President Barbara Bowen addresses picketers.  Photo credit: John Catalinotto

Bargaining Committees 

RF Graduate Center

Elena Gaudino, 

Peter Frase,    

Ellen Noonan,          

Georgina Pierre-Louis,  

Organizer: Rob Murray,  

RF LaGuardia Community College 

Sandra Johnson,

Maurice Pinzon

Organizer: Alex Reusing,     

RF NYC College of Technology

Jay Klokker,   

Organizer: Alisa Simmons,      


Graduate Center bargaining is every Thursday from 12:30-2:00pm at the Grad Center.  Contact Rob Murray if you are interested in attending.

Bargaining for NY Tech and LaGuardia alternates between the two campuses.  It is held every Thursday.  Contact Alisa Simmons if you are interested in attending. 

Learn How to Win Meeting - LAGCC, Wednesday, June 23, 8:15 - 9 am, Room E244



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