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As State Budget Decision Nears, PSC Ups Pressure

DeLutro, Yellowitz Receive NYSUT Awards

Contract Education Begins

Reappointment Letters Due

2010 PSC Chapter Elections Notice: Have You Received Your Ballot?

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• 4/13 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, CCNY
• 4/13 Women’s Committee Meeting
• 4/13 Chapter Meeting, Hostos CC
• 4/14 Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs Meeting
• 4/14 Chapter Meeting, John Jay College
• 4/15 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, Bronx CC
• 4/15 Chapter Meeting, Bronx CC
• 4/15 Academic Freedom Committee Meeting
• 4/20 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, Kingsborough CC
• 4/20 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, LaGuardia CC
• 4/20 Chapter Meeting, Brooklyn College
• 4/21 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, BMCC
• 4/21 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, Medgar Evers College
• 4/22 General Meeting about Bargaining the New Contract, Hunter College
• 4/23 Labor Goes to the Movies shows 24 City
• 4/28 Chapter Meeting, Medgar Evers College
• 4/28 Chapter Meeting, Queens College

April 13, 2010

As State Budget Decision Nears, PSC Intensifies Pressure
With decisions on the State budget appearing imminent, and legislators so far failing to reject the governor’s proposed cuts to CUNY, the PSC organized a “Budget Blitz” last week.  Thousands of CUNY faculty, staff and students called and sent emails  to their state representatives opposing cuts to CUNY. Union activists set up tables at every CUNY campus, and invited students, faculty and staff to sign postcards with an urgent message to Albany.  Click here for photos of students and faculty activists at Hunter and BMCC participating.  The virtual march was part of the PSC’s Budget Blitz, which included advertisements on TV, online, and in dozens of New York newspapers.

“Thank you, PSC members, for rising to the occasion and organizing so quickly to conduct the virtual march on Albany,” said PSC President Barbara Bowen. “Together, we gathered tens of thousands postcards in two days.  But we will have to do still more.  The Senate and Assembly have now passed budget resolutions that restore funds to the community colleges, but deliver deep cuts to the senior colleges.  The only solution is new revenue; New York cannot cut its way out of a recession.”

Iris DeLutro and Irwin Yellowitz Receive Statewide Honors
Iris DeLutro, the PSC vice president for cross-campus units, has been named Higher Education Member of the Year by NYSUT.  And Irwin Yellowitz, PSC vice president for senior colleges from 1973 to 1984, PSC treasurer from 1984 to 1997, and former chair of the Retirees Chapter, has been named NYSUT’s Retiree of the Year.  DeLutro was recognized for her leadership on professional staff issues and her commitment to the whole range of NYSUT members, from paraprofessionals in the schools to faculty and staff at CUNY.  Dr. Yellowitz, a scholar of labor history as well as a labor leader, received the honor for a commitment to higher education unionism that began even before the PSC was founded.  Both will receive the awards at NYSUT’s statewide convention later this month.

Contract Education Begins
The union will be offering informational workshops and training for union officers, grievance counselors and activists. Workshops take place Mondays, 6:00 to 8:00 PM in the PSC Union Hall, 61 Broadway, 16th floor. Registration may be limited to 35 attendees, so register early by contacting Albert Muñoz by email or by phone, 212-354-1252.

Basic Contract Orientation:  Mondays, April 12, 19 and 26; Grievance Counselor Training:  Mondays, May 3, 10, 17 and 24

Have You Received Your Letter of Reappointment?
Full-time teaching faculty hired in September 2009 should have received letters of reappointment on Thursday, 4/1. Full-time teaching faculty in tenure-track titles, Instructors and Lecturers hired in February 2010 are due letters of reappointment on Saturday, 5/1. Lecturers in their second year of service were due letters by Thursday, 4/1. HEOs in the first or second year of service were due letters by Thursday, 4/1. Adjuncts hired on a semester basis are due letters by Saturday, 5/1 and adjuncts hired on a yearly basis are due letters on Saturday, 5/15.
If you are a PSC member at an Institute or Center, you are due your letter on Saturday, 5/1. All other members in their first year are due letters on 6/1, and in their second year were due letters on 4/1.

If you do not receive a letter, or if you receive a letter of non-reappointment, immediately call a grievance counselor in the PSC office, 212-354-1252.

2010 PSC Chapter Elections: Ballots Mailed
This spring half of the PSC’s chapters will be electing officers, delegates and alternates to the PSC Delegate Assembly, as well as members of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund Advisory Council. Ballots will be must be received by 5:00 pm on April 29, 2010. If your chapter is having an election this year and you have not received a ballot, please call Barbara Gabriel in the PSC office, (212) 354-1252. She will check the membership database to confirm your address and membership status, and have ballots sent to eligible members right away. More information (and a list of chapters holding elections) is here.