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June 1, 2009

Join the State-Wide Phone-A-Thon for Adjunct Unemployment Insurance

Make a phone call on Tuesday to your legislator and urge support for adjuncts' access to Unemployment Insurance (info about the bill is here on the PSC website).  Join the New York State AFL-CIO phone blitz tomorrow, by calling the AFL-CIO Action Line at (877) 255-9417.  When you call this number, you will be prompted to press 2 to speak to your State Senator and to press 3 to speak with your State Assembly Member.  In each case, an operator will answer and you should ask to speak with your representative.  If you do not know your representative, click here to find out.

Also, if you haven't yet sent a letter to your representatives letting them know you’d like them to support adjuncts’ access to unemployment insurance, please do so by clicking here. Tomorrow, please be part of the state-wide effort to support justice for adjuncts.

You can also advocate for adjunct unemployment insurance by joining PSC lobbying teams, which will be meeting with legislators in their district offices here in the City. Contact Amanda Magalhaes at the PSC, 212-354-1252 for details or to sign up.

Tell City Council to Reverse Community College Budget Cuts
As the City Council negotiates next year’s budget, the PSC continues to remind Council Members that CUNY is the Path to New York’s Future.

“There is a better way to balance the City’s budget, even in these hard times. The PSC supports progressive income taxes and investment in vital public services,” said Barbara Bowen.

Send that reminder to your own Council Member by going to the PSC website and sending a letter now.

PSC Pre-Retirement Conference Deadline is Next Week
The PSC’s Annual Pre-Retirement Conference will be held on Wednesday, 6/17 at the Graduate Center. The cost is $30 per person and the last day to sign up is June 8. The registration form is here; please print it out, fill it out and mail it in.

Retirees: Sign Up Today for Luncheon Next Week
The annual Retiree Luncheon will be next Monday, 6/8 at John Jay College. The cost is $22 per person and the last day to sign up is today, 6/ 1. Call Linda Slifkin in the PSC office, 212-354-1252, to sign up.

PSC and NYSUT Turn Out in Force for Stella D’Oro Rally
More than 50 PSC members and two buses of NYSUT members swelled the ranks at a vigorous rally on Saturday to support the workers on strike at the Stella D’Oro cookie factory.  “No Contract, No Cookies!  Boycott Stella D’Oro!” they chanted as they marched through the Bronx, gathering community supporters along the way.  The workers have been on strike for 10 months, and not a single union member has crossed the picket line.  PSC members and teachers who attended cited the importance of the strike to the entire labor movement, as it is one of the most sustained efforts in the country to fight back against the concessions demanded by an anti-union employer. 

Contract Now for EOCs—Sign the Petition
Nine months after a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between PSC and CUNY, there is still no agreement on the terms in the Supplement covering employees at the Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs) in titles represented by the PSC. The union is calling for parity in wage increases and other applicable benefit improvements for employees in EOC titles with equivalent CUNY titles.

EOCs have initiated a University-wide petition drive in support of their campaign.

 “We want our colleagues in the rest of PSC to know we’re angry, and we want them to support our efforts to settle this agreement and see our members paid quickly,” said Brooklyn EOC Chapter Chair Amy Nicholas.