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July 2, 2007

One Week Left to Sign the Petition!

Two thousand PSC members have signed on in support of the union’s bargaining agenda for the salaries and working conditions we need to do our jobs. The union contract is one way we help create CUNY as it should be—a university with competitive salaries and benefits, where we can recruit and retain the best faculty, a university that treats its professionals professionally, a university with workloads compatible with serious scholarship, a university reflecting values of equity and equal opportunity. But what we win at the bargaining table is determined by the strength of an active, determined membership. Right now the single best way to signal that determination is to add your name to the thousands who have already signed the petition. The petition, with its thousands of signatures, will be delivered to CUNY management at a strategic moment in the contract campaign. You can read the petition, add your name, look at the names of others who have signed—all right now with one mouse click.

We will publish the names of all those who have signed by July 10 in the summer issue of Clarion.

You can also see the full list of the PSC’s demands, management’s demands, analysis and more by visiting the negotiations section of the website.

Bargaining Report—Still No Financial Offer

CUNY management has still made no financial offer to the union, citing the absence of progress on other contracts by the State. The delay in putting any money on the table makes it increasingly difficult to imagine that the contract will be settled by September 19, the expiration date of the current agreement, but both sides have agreed to keep negotiating throughout the summer. Union and management have scheduled a series of formal and informal “sidebar” meetings during July, and will resume full bargaining sessions at the end of the month. The discussions involve issues that can be best approached in smaller groups, and will include a detailed cost analysis and discussion of several non-economic demands. The results of these meetings then inform the discussion at the main bargaining table. 

Don’t forget that you, as a member, have the chance to observe bargaining sessions directly.  Contact Amanda DeJesus Magalhaes at adejesus@pscmail.org if you would like to attend a session in late July or August.

Labor Goes to the Movies Looking for a Few Good Women and Men

The PSC’s Labor Goes to the Movies Committee, which organizes and promotes the union’s monthly film showings, is looking for a few more members. If you’re interested, contact Dania Rajendra at drajendra@pscmail.org.

PSC Summer Office Hours

From July 6 through August 17, the PSC office will be closed on Fridays. Voice mail and e-mail, as always, will be working 24/7, and the life and business of the union will continue inside and outside the office as usual.


We saw last week with the pension equity legislation (which still awaits the governor’s signature) how powerful we can be when we act collectively. That same power is essential to winning a contract that lifts conditions at CUNY out of inadequacy.  Two thousand people have already signed the petition, and that’s great—but why not 5,000?  Others will have the courage to sign if they see your name. Click here to sign now

"I’ll be away for the next couple of weeks, so you’ll have a chance to hear the voices of other PSC officers in this spot.  Best wishes for your own summer work and play.”   ~Barbara Bowen, President