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July 21, 2008

Contract Mailings Underway, Meetings Continue

As reported last week, ballots for the new contract ratification vote will be mailed to all PSC members on July 29, and all voting—by mail, phone or web interface—must be completed by September 2. A mailing with a summary of the proposed contract was mailed to all members last week. A special edition of the Clarion on the contract is being mailed to members at home. All of these documents, the signed Memorandum of Agreement and the Chancellor’s letter on the adjunct conversion lines, are available now on the PSC website.

Campus meetings to discuss the new contract are continuing. Meetings currently scheduled are:

  • Lehman, Monday, July 21, 12-2pm, APEX, Conference Room 251

  • NYC Tech, Thursday July 17, 12:30-2:30pm, Faculty Lounge, Atrium 632

  • Queensborough, Tuesday, July 22, 1-2pm, Student Union Lounge

  • York, Tuesday, July 22, 12-2pm, Room 4MO5

  • BMCC, Wednesday, July 23, 2pm, Hudson Room

  • Baruch, Thursday, July 24, 12:45, Vertical Campus 7-210

  • Central Office, Thursday, July 24, 12:30, 57th Street

  • Kingsborough, Monday, July 28, exact time and location TBA

  • Grad Center, Tuesday, July 29, 12pm, Skylight Room 9102.

There will be additional meetings; please check the website for the latest meeting information.

HEOs Seeking Comp Time Must File by 8/24

Members in the Higher Education Officer title series who want to utilize compensatory time to which they are entitled for authorized time in excess of 35 hours per week worked between July 19, 2007 and June 24, 2008 must submit a claim by August 24, 2008 or else they will forfeit the right for comp. time for this period. A letter explaining the background and details on how to file a claim is being mailed to all HEOs this week.

Overtime pay and compensatory time have been crucial issues for HEOs and the union has pursued a multi-pronged strategy to address it. A year ago an arbitration ruling definitively declared that the PSC contract bars CUNY from regularly scheduling HEOs for more than 35 hours a week. The arbitrator also ruled that the contract allows CUNY to grant compensatory time off to HEOs. In May 2007, the union also won a legal settlement, based on the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that established time-and-a-half overtime pay for eligible HEO series employees for time worked beyond 40 hours in a week. The union and the University have now worked out an implementation agreement in response to these rulings. The August 24 deadline for filing comp. time claims comes from that agreement.

HEOs who have questions about the agreement after reading the mailing should call the Contract Enforcement Department at the PSC to speak with a HEO grievance counselor. (Please read the letter and enclosed Q&A sheet first…it might answer your questions without the need for a call.)