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EOC Members Ratify Contract Unanimously

August 3, 2009

PSC Announces Endorsements For Fall NYC Elections.
The PSC has made its endorsements for the New York primary elections (Tuesday, 9/15) and posted them on the PSC’s political action committee’s new website.  There you’ll find a full list of candidates for each office, the completed questionnaires candidates submitted to the PSC, and the full list of PSC endorsements. The endorsements of the New York City Central Labor Council and the Working Families Party are also listed.

PSC endorsements are based on the candidates' record, positions on policies affecting CUNY funding, our students’ education, general public policies (such as tax policy), the working conditions of the PSC membership, and candidate strength.

EOC Members Ratify Contract Unanimously
More than 60% of the PSC members who work at the Educational Opportunities Centers (EOCs) voted to ratify their contract. There were no ballots cast against ratification. The AAA counted the votes on Tuesday.

Support PSC Members at CUNY's Research Foundation
PSC members at the CUNY Research Foundation's central office - who earn, on average, $48,500 per year - have been without a contract since January 1, 2009. RF-CUNY has demanded that the workers pay a larger share of health insurance premiums and offered them below-inflation salary increases, around 2% per year, while spending half a million dollars a year on union-busting lawyers. Tell the RF management - including CUNY Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, chair of the RF-CUNY Board - to offer the central office employees a fair economic package. Sign on here.

PSC Staffer Wins National Award
PSC Communications Coordinator Dania Rajendra won the International Labor Communications Association’s Max Steinbock award, the only award given by ILCA to an individual. (Clarion, the PSC paper, has won the award for “best in its class” three times in a row.) Rajendra won for her story on the gaps in health care for CUNY adjuncts published in the March 2008 issue of Clarion. More information appears on the AFL-CIO blog.