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August 27, 2007

Barganing Session Tomorrow

PSC bargaining team members will visit campuses early in the semester to discuss with you in person where we stand in the negotiations for a new contract.  Watch for the meeting date on your campus.  Meanwhile, bargaining continues this week with both a technical meeting and a formal bargaining session scheduled.  The formal session is Tuesday morning, the 28th—it’s still possible to sign up to come as an observer.   Although we continue to make progress on certain non-economic issues, CUNY’s failure to make an economic offer has made it impossible to move toward settlement.  If the contract has not been settled by October 30, we will hold a mass meeting in the Great Hall of Cooper Union—save the date.

Email Amanda DeJesus Magalhaes or call her at (212) 354-1252 if you would like to observe the negotiations session tomorrow.

Pension Decision Date for New Members

Remind your new colleagues! New hires must make a permanent choice about which pension system they prefer to participate in within 30 days of their start date.   If you do not select a pension system, you will be automatically enrolled in the NYC Teachers Retirement System.  The PSC website includes a very useful chart comparing the pension plans, and information about the options is available at college human resources offices and from PSC Director of Pension and Welfare Benefits Clarissa Gilbert Weiss. Call her at the PSC office, (212) 354-1252.

Contract Enforcement Trainings Begin in October

Learn more about the contract, and help your colleagues in trouble – sign up to be a grievance counselor. The union is hosting a training course on enforcing the contract. There will be eight consecutive sessions, held at 5:30 to 7:30 pm on Wednesdays, starting October 10. To sign up, e-mail Bill Mulholland or call him at (212) 354-1252 for a form.

HEO Handbook Now Available

Are you a PSC member in the HEO series? That’s Higher Education Officer – the members who administer student services, direct programs, and work in registrar’s, bursar’s and president’s offices – among many other jobs. Now HEOs have their own handbook on the rules and provisions in the PSC-CUNY contract that are particular to them. It is available from the union office, contact Adrienne DeRoss at (212)354-1252.

Labor Day Support for 9/11 Workers’ Health

On Sunday, September 8 at 10 am, the New York labor movement will honor 9/11 workers and demand support for their medical care. The rally is sponsored by the New York City Central Labor Council and the New York State AFL-CIO, as well as other union organizations. The demonstration is on West Broadway between Vesey and Barclay Streets.

15-Second Activism: Forward This This Week to a New Colleague
Introduce new faculty and staff to the union; forward this bulletin.  With the 30-day limit on selecting a pension plan, it’s especially important that new colleagues know about the union resources to help them with their choice.  Forward this on to at least one colleague today, and let them know they can sign up on-line.

“Welcome back, and my best wishes for an academic year that is both satisfying and productive. This year, thanks to your support, the PSC enters this academic year with some major victories behind us—pension equity legislation and a ruling against unpaid overtime for HEOs. The union will need that support again as we enter the final three weeks of the current contract, still with no economic offer from CUNY. I’ll be meeting with Chancellor Goldstein on September 19 to present the thousands of signatures on the union’s petition for a fair contract—I hope I can count on your signature.Click here to add your name.” ~Barbara Bowen, President