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September 4, 2007

Bargaining Update

The latest negotiation session between the PSC bargaining team and CUNY management was last Tuesday. At that session, CUNY management presented a modified version of their proposal on Distinguished Lecturers, emphasizing the need for clinical faculty in certain areas. The PSC bargaining team probed extensively, got more details and told management the union will respond formally at a future session.

Visit the negotiations section of the PSC website for a full list of the union’s demands, management’s demands and more.

Our CUNY vs Their CUNY, September 19

September 19 is the day our current union contract expires. As you know, you can read all the demands that both sides have presented on the website. But to illustrate what’s really at stake—what CUNY would be like if management’s demands became reality—we’ve organized an evening of performances and readings and art displays by PSC members.

Imagine: the elimination of salary step increases… department chairs without union protections…erosion of job security for HEOs and others.  These and other nightmares  will be brought to life in songs, films, plays, cartoons and more—all by CUNY faculty and staff. We’ll also have an update on negotiations from members of the PSC’s bargaining team and on how to get involved in the union’s contract campaign. 

Make sure management’s stripped-down, top-down, underfinanced vision of CUNY does not become reality.  Join us! Wednesday, September 19, in the union hall at 61 Broadway, 16th floor, Manhattan. Reception at 6:30 pm, program from 7 to 9pm.

Sign the Petition

One way to strengthen the bargaining team’s position in negotiations is to sign the petition in support of the union’s bargaining agenda. Over 3,400 members have signed so far. If you are one of them, thank you! The beginning of the semester is a great opportunity to speak to new faculty about the contract campaign and to ask them to sign the petition. If you haven’t yet signed yourself, please do! The petition, and a list of all who have signed so far, is on the website.

HEOs Working Beyond 35 Hours Should Contact the PSC

The PSC-CUNY contract mandates a 35-hour work week, but often HEOs work much longer hours. As reported earlier in “This Week in the PSC,” an arbitrator ruled in July that CUNY must compensate HEOs with compensatory time. (More information about the ruling is on the PSC website [add link], and in the new issue of Clarion, in the mail this week.)

If you are a HEO working more than 35 hours, you should contact Cynthia Campos at the union office at ccampos@pscmail.org or 212-354-1252.

In other HEO news, the new HEO handbook is now available on the PSC website. It is also being mailed to all HEOs this week.

HEOs have been among the most active PSC members in the current contract campaign this past summer. Hundreds attended meetings on 14 campuses, and 817 and counting have signed the petition supporting the union’s bargaining agenda.


A new semester is always a chance for new beginnings—new courses you might be teaching, new students you might be helping, new programs you might be organizing For all of us as PSC members, it’s also an opportunity renew our efforts on the contract campaign, and particularly to reach out to new colleagues. I invite you to take an active part in our efforts this fall, especially with the contract expiration looming on September 19: ask a colleague to sign the petition, put up a poster on your door, attend a bargaining session, come to the “Our CUNY vs. Their CUNY” event on September 19. In whatever ways work for you, I urge you to get involved. ~Barbara Bowen, President