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• 10/3 LaGuardia Chapter Meeting

October 1, 2007

Contract Campaign Moves to Mobilizing for October 30 Mass Meeting

Following the expiration of our contract on September 19 and the contract campaign activities of that week, the union turned last week to preparing for the October 30 mass meeting at Cooper Union. Is the need to restore competitive salaries important to you? Are you alarmed at what would happen if management prevails in its demand to abolish salary steps? Does the prospect of languishing months or years without a raise or a settlement infuriate you? Then come to the mass meeting on October 30! Talk to your colleagues about the importance of the issues, and the importance of turning out for the meeting. The strength of the union’s bargaining team at the negotiating table is the force of the organized, visible strength of a unified membership.

Lessons Learned in Solidarity: Forum on the Oaxaca Teachers’ Strike October 12

Teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico, have been on strike for 16 months for better salaries and learning conditions for their students. They have inspired a mass movement in Oaxaca that has called for a new governor, a new constitution and a new respect for the public sphere. They have been met with repression and violence in a drama that is symptomatic of the world-wide assault on the public sector and working and poor people. How does this relate to us? What lessons can we learn from their courageous example? Join us for a discussion at the PSC with Raquel Cruz Manzano, one of the strike leaders, October 12, 5:30pm in the union hall, 16th floor, 61 Broadway.

PSC budget Presentation and Discussion 10/25

Every year the PSC Finance Committee, working under the guidance of the treasurer, develops a proposed budget for the union for the coming year.  PSC Treasurer Mike Fabricant will present the budget as adopted by the union’s Executive Council in an open meeting on Thursday, October 25 at 5:30pm in the union hall on the 16th floor at 61 Broadway. All members are welcome and encouraged to come. The proposed budget then goes to the Delegate Assembly for approval. 

Fiterman Hall Update and Public Information Session Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 2, at 6 pm, BMCC, CUNY and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York will hold a public information session to update the community on the status of the Fiterman Hall Remediation and Deconstruction Project. The meeting will be on the Richard Harris Terrace, BMCC, 199 Chambers Street (between West & Greenwich Streets). BMCC’s Fiterman Hall was badly damaged and contaminated in the 9/11 terrorist attack and plans for its demolition have long raised concerns about potential danger to the surrounding area from the release of contaminants during the demolition process. The PSC has been an active part of a community and labor coalition calling for greater transparency of the process so that it can be conducted as safely as possible.


"When I go out on the campuses with other members of the bargaining team and tell members that CUNY management’s contract demand is to eliminate annual salary steps, people are shocked.  They can’t believe it’s true.  But management is very serious about their proposal to eliminate annual step increases for thousands of full-time faculty and staff, using the money they save to allow the college presidents to award discretionary increases to those they select.  The universal response at chapter meetings is opposition.  Come to the mass meeting on October 30 for a discussion of how the union plans to organize in response." ~Barbara Bowen, President