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• 10/25 Pre-DA discussion on 2007-08 PSC budget

• 10/27 Anti-War March



October 15, 2007

Mass Meeting for a Fair Contract October 30

On Tuesday, October 30, from 6-8:30pm, the union will hold a mass meeting at the Great Hall in Cooper Union. There are two more bargaining sessions scheduled between now and then, on October 22 and October 29, but as of today, CUNY management still has not made a financial offer in these negotiations—four weeks after our old contract expired. The real value of our salaries has been eroded by 30 to 45% since the 70s, a reality that hits home every time we go to pay our bills or find that a job candidate has turned CUNY down because the salaries are too low—yet there is no financial offer on the table. Management is demanding an end to salary steps, to be replaced by select raises at college presidents’ discretion—yet there is no financial offer on the table. If this concerns you, alarms you, outrages you, come to the mass meeting!

Visit the PSC website to sign up to attend the meeting and for all the latest news and updates on the negotiations. Contact Amanda DeJesus Magalhaes at adejesus@pscmail.org if you would like to attend either of the upcoming bargaining sessions.

Campus Equity Week

Campus Equity Week (CEW) is the last week in October. This biannual event is part of an international effort to transform the unacceptable conditions of part-time faculty in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. This year the PSC will be participating in CEW by highlighting the central role CUNY adjuncts play in making the University run and mobilizing to support the union’s adjunct-related bargaining demands. For more information and to participate, visit the website. At the national level, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) will highlight an issue felt sharply at CUNY: teaching without job security and without tenure, adjuncts do not have the protection of academic freedom. At CUNY, academic freedom for all faculty is undermined when half the faculty teaches without it.

Anti-War March October 27

On Saturday, October 27, PSC members will join others in a  large labor contingent for a crucial anti-war march. The New York City demonstration is part of a national day of action with major demonstrations in 11 cities. With Congress showing no will to end the funding for the war and many policy-makers now beating the drums for a preemptive strike on Iran, anti-war actions have rarely been more urgent.   To date, the war in Iraq has cost the lives of 3,684 U.S. troops (among them six CUNY students), the lives of at least 974,000 Iraqis,  and over $450 billion spent.  This unjust war has cost far too much already—but it won’t stop until we stop it.

Please note updated information on where the PSC and labor marchers will gather for this critical anti-war march: we will assemble at 11am on Broadway, north of 17th Street. See the PSC Peace and Justice Committee page on the website for more information and for a flyer you can hand out to colleagues, students, friends and neighbors to ask them to join you on October 27.

It’s Official: Grad Center RF Election Certified!

On Friday, the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) officially certified the election results from the Research Foundation unionization vote at the Graduate Center, making the PSC the exclusive collective bargaining representative of the Grad Center RF workers. See the website for more on this happy ending to a four-year struggle.

“Our CUNY vs. Their CUNY” Art Available for Creative Campus Distribution

The plays, poems, songs, cartoons, posters and PowerPoint presentations from the September 19 “Our CUNY vs. Their CUNY” performance at the PSC are available on the union website for creative re-purposing. Click here to take a look . You can download the PDFs and use them on your campus to help build awareness about the important issues at stake in these negotiations.

Correct E-mail for New CET Organizer

Emelyn Tapaoan is the new adjunct organizer for Continuing Education Teachers. In a recent letter sent to Continuing Education teachers by Part-time Personnel Vice President Marcia Newfield there was an error in Emelyn's e-mail. Her correct e-mail is liyab2001@yahoo.com.


"I am asking you to prioritize the union, if only for one night, on Tuesday, October 30.  Coming to the mass meeting may mean getting a babysitter or rescheduling other commitments or staying up late that night to grade papers, but it’s worth it if we’re serious about a good contract.  There is a direct relation between what we can win at the bargaining table and how many members we can mobilize for October 30.  If you want to be part of the solution, come to the meeting.  Reserve your place by clicking here.~Barbara Bowen, President