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November 30, 2009

Send your message to the State Legislature
The legislature has been hearing us -- thousands of CUNY faculty, staff and students saying “No more cuts to CUNY, and no to a lower pension tier that would reduce take-home pay by 3% for future employees.” But it’s not too late to add your voice to the chorus.   Send your message now.  We have seen before that thousands of messages from the PSC can make a difference.

Contact Amanda Magalhaes in the PSC office, 212-354-1252, to get more involved; this is the time to defend our working lives and our students’ futures.  

RF Workers Meet Today, Fight for a Fair Contract
In September, PSC members at the Central Office of the CUNY Research Foundation held a one-hour walk out and voted to authorize a strike in order to win a fair contract.  That pressure, together with your calls to RF management, has produced enough movement at the bargaining table to keep PSC members at work, but there’s no agreement yet.  Another bargaining session is set for tomorrow, Tuesday.

The Research Foundation has spent several hundred thousand dollars this year on a union-busting law firm – more than the cost of a fair raise for all the PSC members at the Central Office. Call or email Research Foundation president Richard Rothbard and tell him that the faculty and staff of CUNY urge the RF to stop wasting grant money on anti-union lawyers, and instead give the workers a decent raise.  Settle the contract at tomorrow’s bargaining session!  You can email Mr. Rothbard at: Richard_Rothbard@rfcuny.org or you can call him at 212-417-8507.

Principal Investigator Nancy Romer, who has helped bring in more than $5 million in grant money, wrote an opinion piece in the November Clarion on the Research Foundation’s wrong choice about how to spend the money it receives for administering grants won by the faculty and staff.

Reappointment Letters Due 12/1
Adjuncts and other part-timers must receive written notice of reappointment (or non-reappointment) for next semester by 12/1. This letter should include your title and your hourly rate. If by 12/1, you have not received a letter, or your letter does not include your title and hourly rate, please call a part-time grievance counselor at the PSC office, 212-354-1252. Class assignments, however, depend on the budget, curriculum, and sufficiency of registration. Once you have received an appointment, you must be told of changes in the conditions that affect your employment as soon as the college knows of them.

As of their second year of service, full-time faculty, CLTs and instructors are also due written notice of reappointment with tenure (or non-reappointment) by 12/1. If you do not receive a letter, or if you receive a letter of non-reappointment, immediately contact a PSC grievance counselor, 212-354-1252. The last day the union can file a grievance challenging a denial of reappointment is 1/14/2010.

H1N1 Flu in Context: Conversation Tomorrow
A special meeting of the Environmental Health and Safety Watchdogs will feature Ananya Mukherjea, an assistant professor of Sociology and Women's/Gender Studies at the College of Staten Island. Mukherjea will lead a discussion on “Contextualizing the Social Politics of Pandemic Flu.” Health and Safety advocates will also address CUNY’s preparedness, or lack thereof. The meeting will be held tomorrow, 12/1 at 5:30 pm in the PSC office, 61 Broadway.

The PSC is still asking union members to survey (click here) the conditions in their buildings and report them directly to the union.

School Reform Conversation 12/14
Brown University’s Annenberg Institute for Education Reform will hold the fourth in a series of conversations in its “Educational Policy for Action” series about the NYC schools on 12/14 at 4:30 pm in the PSC Union Hall, 61 Broadway, 16th Floor. Anne T. Henderson will review significant institutes that train parents to become advocates for improving public education, effectively fulfill governance roles in public education, be more fully engaged in public education, and/or participate in community organizing for school reform.

Are you sure you’ve signed a union card?
Some CUNY employees are surprised to learn that they’re not yet members of the PSC. To be a member, you must have signed a union card. For more, see the new Clarion and learn more about the workings of the PSC Membership Department. Part-timers, look for new posters in your offices and departments with membership cards. If you’d like one in your space, let your campus part-time liaison know.

Lobby with the PSC – Sign Up Soon
Talk with your state lawmakers in Albany about PSC priorities next year with NYSUT. The dates are: 3/1-2, 3/22-23 and 5/10-11. Sign up by emailing PSC Legislative and Communications Associate Amanda Magalhaes or calling her in the office, 212-354-1252, by 12/16.