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December 15, 2008

Emergency Mobilization: Tomorrow At Paterson’s NYC Office!

The PSC is mobilizing tomorrow, Tuesday, December 16, in response to the budget message we expect from the governor.  Many groups will mobilize in response to the governor’s proposed budget, but the PSC will be there immediately and in force—we are delivering to 55,000 signed postcards protesting cuts to CUNY.  We need every member of the faculty, staff and student body to join us and increase our political force.  Tomorrow Governor Paterson will announce his proposed budget for fiscal year 2010, including the proposal for CUNY.   We anticipate he will propose both budget cuts and a tuition increase—with most of the new funds from students going to fill the State budget gap, not to enhance CUNY. The PSC will be out in force to demand a better approach—steady public investment. During the Depression, New York founded two CUNY colleges and built another, and kept tuition free. This is the moment for visionary solutions; New York should invest in CUNY now.

Be there to tell the Governor a New Deal for New York Starts with CUNY! We will be delivering more than 50,000 “CUNY Rising” postcards at our Emergency Mobilization on December 16, 4 p.m., at the Governor’s NYC office, 633 Third Avenue, at 41st Street. Email Chris Aikin if we can count on you to come. 

PSC Radio Ads Air this Week

To amplify our message, the union is mounting an intensive radio advertizing campaign, timed to coincide with the governor’s budget proposal.  Click here to hear the PSC’s ad, or catch it on 1010 WINS, WCBS AM and WABC AM.

There Is an Alternative to Budget Cuts And Tuition Increases

The governor’s budget proposal is likely to suggest that New York has to choose between cutting vital services—like CUNY—and imposing regressive user-taxes on those least able to pay.  But that is a false choice; there is another alternative.  New York State could simply restore the taxes that were cut between 1994 and 2005, and have $17 billion more in revenue this year alone.  Read PSC President Barbara Bowen’s column in the new Clarion on the alternative New York State should adopt.

Invitation to CUNY Civil Rights Movement Participants

This year's special winter screening in the Labor Goes to the Movies series will be the Civil Rights documentary Eyes on the Prize.  To mark the day-long event, the union invites all CUNY faculty, staff and students—past or present—who participated in the Civil Rights Movement to join us for the screening.  CUNY played a significant role in the Civil Rights movement; the best known contribution is the work of Queens College student Andrew Goodman, who was one of three Civil Rights workers murdered in Mississippi in 1964.  Many others from CUNY, including some faculty still teaching at CUNY, volunteered to work in the South.  We invite you to watch the film in the company of colleagues and other Civil Rights activists, and to share your testimony about your own work in the movement.  Please e-mail Albert Muñoz at the PSC if you plan to attend on Saturday, January 10.

Sign on for Employee Free Choice

Right now in the US, private sector workers are at an unfair disadvantage when they try to form unions. Current procedures favor management and undermine workers’ democratic right to organize. That’s bad for all workers – union and non-union, public sector and private. Sign your name to the union effort to get the new Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.