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PSC Dues Proposal

(The following letter has been sent to the homes of all PSC members)

May 8, 2001

Dear PSC Members:

The PSC is currently considering a restructuring of dues for full-time members in order to create an equitable dues structure. After passing a 1% dues rate for part-time members and seeing the inequities for full-time members, the PSC Delegates asked the Finance Committee to develop a proposal for a percentage dues rate for full-time members to address the inequities. A Progress Report, presented at the April Delegate Assembly, prompted the Delegates to vote for the Finance Committee to finalize a proposal.

The union undertook an analysis of projected expenditure increases and of the projected revenues under a percentage dues structure to develop a dues rate that will provide union budget stability. With that in mind, the resulting proposal is a 1.05 % dues rate for active full-time members effective the start of the 2001/2002 school year. Retiree dues will not be affected. The part-time dues/agency fee will continue to be 1%. A preliminary analysis, using the 1.05% rate compared to the current flat rate, showed that more than half of our members would see a REDUCTION in dues.

The proposal will be reviewed by the Executive Council this week. Union members will have the opportunity to hear more and offer comments on the proposal at two public meetings of the PSC Finance Committee on May 16th and 24th. On the PSC website (


) a "discussion board" has been set up to provide an opportunity for interactive discussion among members. Full-time dues restructuring will come up for final consideration at a special meeting of the Delegate Assembly, prior to the June 14th Delegate Assembly meeting.

A window of opportunity to change the full-time dues rate exists because the City and State payroll offices were unable to implement the change in the part-time dues rate for check off before the end of the spring semester. Moving from a flat dues amount to a percentage rate is a major reprogramming effort. If the PSC wants to restructure full-time dues to a percentage rate in the next year or two, we must do it now because the City and the State will not undertake a second dues reprogramming in the foreseeable future.

Proposal: Dues/agency fee for full-time members/employees in titles represented by the PSC shall be 1.05% of gross income, deducted by the employer, effective the start of the 2001/2002 school year.

We encourage you to come to the open meetings of the Finance Committee to hear more and express your point of view. For times and locations, see the attached flyer. If you cannot attend, express your point of view on the website.

In Solidarity,

John Hyland

Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee



PSC Finance Committee

Open Meetings For PSC Members To Discuss

Full-Time Dues Restructuring


Please attend the meetings to:

Hear details on the proposed restructuring of full-time member dues.

Bring your comments and ideas.


Both meetings will be at:

The CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street

Wednesday, May 16th


Thursday, May 24th

5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Segal Theatre, 1st Floor Rooms 9204-9206


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