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New York Committee for Occupational Health and Safety (NYCOSH)

See the New York Committee for Occupational Health and Safety website for some really good and immediately useful information concerning health hazards, indoor air quality and worker rights.

AIDS in the Workplace

Cornell University Ergonomics Web

Environmental Protection Agency

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Home Page

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Safe Jobs Now (AFSCME)

Safety Online

Workers' Page (OSHA)


PSC Health and Safety Coordinators/ 2003-2004


Joan Greenbaum, LaGuardia

David Kotelchuck, Hunter


Environmental Watchdog


Click image below for April '07 Clarion article on BMCC and 9/11 health risks.

Clarion - "9/11 Health Risks and BMCC"


Fiterman updates
Fiterman Hall
As a result of the Oct. 30th public meeting that the PSC and the WTC Labor-Community coaltion pressed for, CUNY and BMCC management have started a website with information about the decontamination and demolition of Fiterman.  Please bookmark and visit it and also sign up for BMCC's email alerts from the website. 

Worker's Compensation and 9/11 illnesses
Labor union pressure has resulted in an extension of dates for people to file Workers' compensation claims in relation to World Trade Center health issues. According to NYCOSH: "The New York State Workers’ Compensation Law has just been changed to help you file a claim for workers’ compensation if you have a 9/11- related illness. The change also applies to workers and volunteers who are not sick, but who may become sick in the future because they were exposed to the toxic air after 9/11"

People who worked in the area of the WTC, including all faculty and staff at BMCC, could file a claim.  By filling out the Workers' Comp form they can be counted, if in the future they become ill as a result of returning to work in the area.  While Workers' Compensation is specifically written to include those who are directly injured on the job, labor unions and the New York Occupational Health and Safety committee (NYCOSH) are urging all workers in the area to file if they returned to work soon after the World Trade Center disaster.  Please see the NYCOSH website for more information:



PSC Health and Safety: Reporting Problems

  • You are entitled to a healthy workplace.  Fill out and submit the form if you have complaints about:

  • Air Quality problems

  • Noxious Odors

  • Sick-Building Syndrome

  • Afternoon-Sleepiness

  • Poor Ventilation

  • Molds and Water Stains

  • Blood or Body Fluid Spills

  • Faulty Switches -- Exposed Wires

  • Flaking Paint -- Exposed Asbestos

  • Chemical Hygiene Problems

  • Safety and Security Issues

  • Other

To report problems, click hereFill out the incident report form.  Please print the completed form and give this information to the health and safety union watchdog on your campus or your chapter chair.  You can also email the complaint to