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15-Minute Activist:

Call Your Legislator

The legislators are in gridlock, the New York State budget is in flux, and decisions that fundamentally affect you and your students could be made at any time during the summer. So the PSC canít afford to take a vacation from grassroots lobbying. It is extremely important that members contact Assembly Democrats and State Senate Republicans to ask their support for CUNY. Stress that state funding for CUNY was cut by over 30% in the 1990s, and that the Assemblyís budget for CUNY represents a minimum down payment on repairing the damage done.

If you live in New York City, you can find out who your representatives are on the Web at  Those who live elsewhere can consult the listing on the PSC Web site, at



Corrections:  In a response to a memberís letter given in the May 2001 issue, annual retiree dues were incorrectly listed as $81; they are in fact $71.

In our April issue, the feature on the legislative hearing on adjunct issues appeared without a byline. The story was written by Marcia Newfield, who also covers adjunct issues on page 8 of our summer issue.